SANSA is designed to exhilarate your hospitality experience by providing you with a variety of businesses to support. We offer you Flower Shops, Beauty Services, Pets' Shops, your favourite Private Chefs, Pet Walking Services, Send and Receive a Package feature, and many more on our one-stop-shop platform. SANSA provides you with an abundance of options to choose from all in one spot to eliminate the search for individual apps that provide Reservations, Delivery, Pick-Up, Promotions, Ratings, Bookings, and more.


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About Us

SANSA is a multi-dimensional mobile application that serves as a world of hospitality in the palm of your hand. SANSA allows businesses to act like giants in managing their operations and services like delivery, reservations, geo-targeted offers, loyalty programs, messaging, and much much more. SANSA provides a fast and easy way for Users to find and connect with Businesses, Independent Service Providers, and other hospitality services directly!

What's in there for the Businesses and Service Providers?

SANSA gives you the liberty of running your own business completely mobile! With SANSA, you have absolute business and creative freedom over your profile, push-out same-day promotions, direct communications with the Users, in-app ratings, delivery and so much more. What's the catch? There is none! NO royalty fees will ever be charged to your business, which means your earnings will go directly to your business. Our platform is subscription-based, with a fee that is charged monthly.

Why choose SANSA?

SANSA’s primary goals include providing a digital platform, where hospitality businesses are able to easily reach a broader customer base.

A) Zero royalties.

You do NOT pay us any percentage or any hidden fees when someone orders from your Business through SANSA. SANSA only charges a monthly fee depending on your plan, never more.

B) Free Business Delivery.

Delivery is paid by the User, which means there are no additional fees for delivery for your Business.

C) Interact with your customers directly.

Connect with your consumers and their needs directly through the SANSA app with our chat functionalities.

D) Complete freedom to run your own business.

Everything about your Business is entirely customizable to fit your needs. No need to wait for us to make the changes for you, you can do it on your own and live!

Thank you for your interest in SANSA App.

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